150th Anniversary Neck Wear


This design is a collaboration between the amazing Edgar Alejandro from Masonic Revival and Ezekiel Bates Lodge.

The design and its significance.

The Gold represents Ezekiel Bates Lodge being from the Jewelry Capital of the World. The lettering says Ezekiel Bates Lodge A.F. & A.M. 150 years of Attleboro Freemasonry. The font used is the one found on the Balfour logo, paying homage to our predecessors. The Square and Compasses and Massachusetts logo finish off the design honoring our fraternity and the commonwealth.

A very limited amount of straight neckties and self-tie bow-ties have been ordered.

Only one straight tie and bow-tie per person.

If you require your order to be shipped, contact the Secretary SECEB1870@Gmail.com to make arrangements.

Expect 6-8 weeks for them to arrive.

150th Anniversary Neck Wear

150th Anniversary Neck Wear

150th Anniversary Neck Wear
! Self Tie Bow-Tie $32.50 USD
1 Straight Tie $32.50 USD
Both $65.00 USD