Chicken Wing Champions

Two years ago Ezekiel Bates Lodge started a chicken eating challenge fundraiser brain child of Worshipful Dave Thompson. The first was in the Summer of 2014 when a team of Brothers from the Westchester-Putnam 2nd District of New York swooped in and dashed our hopes. The Brothers from New York loved the idea so much they held the contest in their jurisdiction last February which the Brothers of Ezekiel Bates attended and again came up short to then Grandmaster Most Worshipful Bill Thomas who dawned a large foam chicken wing on his head. We found similar results last July at our second challenge.

So when we loaded up the car early on May 6th to drive to the Westchester Skating Academy in Elmsford, New York, our hopes were not high, but the event is a blast and we get to catch up with our New York Brothers so the day is well worth the trip. So how the challenge works is teams of 5 get 20lbs. of wings and 5 minutes to eat as much as you can. When the time is up, the bones and leftovers are weighed and the difference in weight is your score. Ezekiel Bates Lodge went 2nd and After all the teams had gone and the dust settled and all the teams had gone we found ourselves tied with White Plains Lodge #473. This being the first tie, we decided to have a wing off 5lbs. each team for 2 minutes. The streak has ended, Ezekiel Bates Lodge went to New York for fun and came home with a trophy, we also were able to choose the Hebron Food Pantry in Attleboro to receive 1/2 of the proceeds of the event as winners.

The trophy now sits proudly on the mantle at Ezekiel Bates Lodge and we anxiously wait for July 15th for the event to come back to Attleboro, where we can defend our trophy.

Think you are up to the challenge? CLICK HERE to sign up for the July 15th Competition