Brother Fred E. Briggs

Mayor of Attleboro 1927-1930

Assisted in laying the cornerstone of the current Masonic Lodge Building

Excerpt from the Sun Chronicle July 4th 2014

Briggs plunged into city politics in 1921, when he sought an at-large city council spot. He finished fourth in his first run for office.

But his performance apparently pleased voters because in his second election in 1923 he finished second among at-large candidates, and in 1925 he finished first with 2,357 votes – setting up a try for the mayor’s office.

In campaigning for mayor, Briggs resisted the urge to criticize Sweeney, and focused on what he would do. He promised that citizens would get good value for their tax money.

Briggs also tried to capitalize on the growth of South Attleboro by promising to improve services to that part of town.

In his first term, Briggs vetoed a proposal by the council to raise the mayor’s salary to $3,000 per year, arguing that the current salary, $2,000, was sufficient for what at the time was a part-time job.

The council overrode the veto and put the salary at $3,000 a year.

Briggs won a second term unopposed.

Like Brother Harold Sweet, Brother Fred Briggs did not run for a third term.