Masonic Theatre Night Presents: Inherit the Wind

Wednesday October 3, 2018

7:30 PM

Lower Level of the Attleboro Masonic Building

71 North Main St.

Attleboro, Ma

The Attleboro Community Theatre will be kicking off their 62nd season with Inherit the Wind. All Masons and their spouses/guests are invited. There is no cost, the theatre group just asks for honest feedback.

Inherit the Wind takes place in 1925 in a small, bible-belt town in Tennessee. The audience finds out that the science teacher has been arrested for teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution-which at the time, was against the law. A famous progressive lawyer from the North, Henry Drummond, travels to Tennessee to defend the science teacher. A fundamentalist politician, Matthew Brady, prosecutes. This is a very thinly disguised rendition of the 1925 “Scopes Monkey Trial” with debates between Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan taken largely from the transcripts. A classic debate between fundamentalism vs. the freedom of thought, church vs. state, creationism vs. evolutionism. Drummond believes that when people aren’t given the knowledge and the chance to ask questions – thinking is limited. Drummond argues that everyone has the right to think and ask questions- why else would God give us a brain and the ability to think? Brady believes that the only true written word, is the word of God. He believes that he is on the ‘right’ side and is defending the “Living Truth of the Scriptures.” It’s a stunning, passionate, edge of your seat debate between two old friends who couldn’t be further apart.”

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