John Kean Mackill

March 17, 1922 – November 18, 2013

John Kean Mackill was Born in Glasgow, Scotland -and married Phyllis Hall Kellow April 25, 1951.   Served in the British Navy from 1941 – 1945 during WW2. Attended primary school at Shawsland Academy in Glasgow, Scotland and at college received an engineering degree. He was employed as Vice President of the LG Balfour Company in Attleboro for 34 years prior to his retirement.  He took his family back to Scotland several times, loved Maine, was on continual quest for the ultimate clam chowder, and a member of the L G Balfour Gold Dusters.

Entered as Apprentice, passed fellow-craft and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in

St. John No 458 Grand Lodge of Scotland 5-April 1947

Life member card for this lodge: Registration No Y 85, Roll No 1885 Great Lodge of Scotland, Edinburgh

Affiliated with Ezekiel Bates Lodge – August 31st 1957

Worshipful Master in 1973

Mark Master – July 5, 1947 Light 5951

Royal Arch Mason – in Tabernacle Royal Arch Chapter Malden, MA 21-Feb-1955 and of Masonry 5955

Rabbinii Royal Arch Chapter R102116

Mass Convention of High Priests Life Member of the Mass Convention of High Priests Excellent Companion March 12 1968

High Priest – King Hiram Royal Arch Chapter of Attleboro

Honorable office – September 22, 1967

30- Aug-1968

Royal, Select and Super-Excellent Master

Attleboro, MA

22 Jan 1971

Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Mass

The 3 Orders taken in Bristol Commandery No 29 of Knights Templar, Attleboro 4th of May 1962


He has three children, Pam Mackill of Wayland, Patricia Mackill-Mansfield of Attleboro, and John Mackill of N Providence – and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Bio graciously assembled by Worshipful Mackill’s daughter Pamela.
John Kean Mackill
John Kean Mackill