Brother Lloyd G. Balfour

January 6th 1887 – July 11th 1973

Joined Ezekiel Bates Lodge

January 19th 1938

Brother Lloyd Garfield Balfour started his jewelry company Lloyd G. Balfour Company in 1913 with another brother of Ezekiel Bates George Nerney , in order to provide sorority and fraternity jewelry to varsity students in the united states. However, during WWII, they were inspired to create a military insignia for that Armed Forces. This led to great influx of requests for Balfour military rings as well as the company gladly responded.

Even today, Balfour military rings are known through the Defense force as a number of the finest rings available. The incredible styling along with beautiful materials as well as the finest attention to detail make Balfour military rings the right substitute for show your pride inside your military service or perhaps in a loved ones military services.

Balfour Factory

The Balfour factory stood across the street from Ezekiel Bates Lodge behind the library. Over the years there have been literally hundreds of Masons that were employed by Bro. Balfour.

In the 1940’s there was even a Balfour degree team comprised of past masters of Ezekiel Bates Lodge that worked at Balfour.



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