Welcome to Nava Grotto

2014 Charter Installation

Rechartered 2014

Nava Grotto Charter

Monarch William Swenson III Presiding

Regular Meeting Night

Second Thursdays at 7:00 pmish

If you are looking to add a little more fun in your Masonic Journey look no further!

Welcome to the Playground!


We travel too!

Invite us to your lodge and we will have a great night with your members!

Nava Grotto Circa 1972

Some of the Original Nava Grotto Circa 1972

Front Row:

Ralph Voelker, George Doonan, Bill Sanderson, John Sullivan, Karl Friedman, Ray Burman, John Brassell Jr.

Back Row:

John Eller, Warren Hoyle, Gordon Kirby, Al Henderson, Sam Loving, Dale Alexander, Arthur Lundsten, Ken MacKenzie

Nava Grotto

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Grotto at Scorpios

Nava takes over Scorpios!

Chrismas in July 2016

Christmas in July

Feast of Adam's Rib

Feast of Adam's Rib 2016

Feast of Adam’s Rib