Here are a few testimonials from members of Ezekiel Bates Lodge

Brother Mitch Shair

Master Mason since 2011, Member since 2015

When I first approached the idea of joining Masonry, I was more than just a little reluctant. I had done extensive research into the fraternity and while I found the Masonic philosophy polar aligned with my own, I fully expected to be met with a group of boring old men more interested in pot luck dinners than in the pursuit of Masonic Light as I understood it. I didn’t think it would be fun.

I would be severely understating the matter if I did not tell you that I was delighted to find this was entirely not the case, in fact quite the opposite. Masonry, most especially as observed within Ezekiel Bates Lodge, is an eclectic mix of gentlemen from all age groups that share not only their fraternal bonds, but also an inextinguishable enthusiasm for improving the craft; on a personal level, as well as at large.

I came to Masonry expecting to possibly make a friend or two, but this was not my primary goal. I felt I had enough friends already and more would just get in the way. I was again pleasantly surprised to discover the immediate acceptance I felt, not to mention the warm, gracious manner I was acclimated to the lodge in.  The generosity of spirit amongst the brothers at Ezekiel Bates is uncanny, I would dare say even within the storied fraternity of Masonry itself. I’ve made an entire lifetime’s worth of good friends by simply joining the lodge. These are men of quality and character, friends any man would be proud to claim as his own.

To make such strong fraternal ties with so many, one would think that we would all have similar interests, this could not be further from the case. My personal and political philosophies and recreational pursuits are often at odds with those of my lodge brothers, not to mention my dietary practices (I’m a lifelong vegetarian/wannabe vegan that does not smoke cigars or drink scotch). These are mere trivial differences at the lodge, ones meant to be laughed off rather than argued about. My brothers accept me for who I am, as do I them. We have had many a spirited discussion ( nd many a good chuckle!) that I believe have led to all parties gaining both insight and knowledge without conflict, or hard feelings the hallmark of all enlightened men.

In closing, I would posit that what Masonry is, is whatever you bring to it. Whatever your interests, commitment level, enthusiasm, you will find it’s complement within the fraternity. I personally, imagine Masonry to be a prismatic mirror ball, as one would find above a dance floor. When you gaze directly into it, your reflection is directed back at you in a thousand different directions, small shards of Masonic Light directed directly at you, reflecting the manner different facets of your identity, enhancing and perfecting you on your journey amongst fellow travelers.

Travel Light,

Brother Aaron Chauncey

Member since 2015