The Chronological Order of York Rite Degrees and Orders

The Chronological Order of York Rite Degrees and Orders


Entered Apprentice                                                                                                           Lodge

Operative of Temple

Fellowcraft                                                                                                                          Lodge

Mark Master                                                                                                                       Chapter

Select Master                                                                                                                     Council

Master Mason                                                                                                                     Lodge

Past Master                                                                                                                         Chapter

Royal Master                                                                                                                       Council

Most Excellent Master                                                                                                       Chapter

  Temple’s Destruction

Super Excellent Master                                                                                                    Council


Order of the Red Cross                                                                                                Commandery



Royal Arch Degree                                                                                                            Chapter



Order of Malta                                                                                                               Commandery

Order of the Temple                                                                                                     Commandery