John Michael Greer

John Michael Greer

Last fall Brother Aaron Chauncey attended a Greg Kaminsky Lecture at the Hermetic Arts Center in Salem, Massachusetts. When the lecture was completed, Aaron wanting to support the center, picked up the book “Inside a Magic Lodge” one of Brother Greer’s early books.

At this same time Lvmen Scientiae was working out a quarterly book club idea and needed a book. So, Inside a Magic Lodge was chosen and several members of the group began reading it. The point of the group was to get together at the end and have a discussion. We wanted to see if we could live stream in, surprisingly, his contact info was very hard to find. Finally, we found a PO BOX and sent him a letter.

A week or two later, we received and email. Brother Greer and his wife were looking to move to Providence and hoped to come apartment hunting, so he offered to come and join us for the discussion. Many topics were discussed from Masonry to the Odd Fellows even the Golden Dawn.

During informal discussion afterwards, one of the Brothers in attendance overheard Brother Greer talking about his apartment search and by chance had an apartment for rent in the same location as Brother Greer had been looking. A few days later agreements were made and this wild story of “coincidence” took another turn. Brother Greer will be relocating to Rhode Island later in June.

We added some of his books below and will post his interview once it is edited.